Goethean Science’s new relevance to Energy Medicine

tree-scarlet-leavesAs adults, we grasp the soulfulness of science by first grasping the soulfulness of Nature.

It’s much easier for children to grasp the soulfulness of Nature; hence, Waldorf Nature Stories and Rosicrucian Aquarian Stories for Children, (If you don’t these, worth getting. Full texts available online. First three volumes are best).

For adults already hardened into an intellectual “I am,” inner child work and muscle testing is how to open and widen The Crack in the Cosmic Egg.

When individual adults crack open their own cosmic egg, they begin to perceive the macrocosm within their own microcosm, or in language from the 1920s, perceive the soulfulness of nature again inside themselves; and, as semi-autonomous from their intellect.

The Flower Essence Society repertory book online asserts Goethean science is allied with alchemical/Rosicrucian science. See a pretty good exposition of first-order science-intelligence in the Three Sciences for Three Selves articles on this site.

First-order intelligence, cell-level intelligence, is often contrasted with second-order Cartesian-Newtonian science because the two are in conflict.

In second-order Cartesian-Newtonian science-intelligence, psychology is allotted only symbolic truth, “a disembodied system of symbols existing only in the interior world of the psyche*.” On the other hand, real-world physics and chemistry is deemed a realm of strictly soulless substances. This is what Steiner called “one-sidedness of Platonic thought,” as reported in Lehrs (1951): only one half of our perceived world is alive, the other half is dead, waiting for us to manipulate it productively.

Only in Rosicrucian Alchemy and Goethean Science were vague connections drawn between the living macrocosm of Nature and the living microcosm of inner human experience. The two are in correspondence, not consciously, but only sub- and unconsciously. This is why the connections are challenging for our conscious-waking self to see. Ernst Lehrs also points to Ruskin as having similar insight to Goethe and I agree.

Rosicrucian alchemists correctly intuited how the path of our personal-spiritual growth must unite itself with the external material world. They also correctly intuited this must be some simple experimental method available to the masses. Alchemy was their best guess. In part at least, Alchemy was too allied with black magic to ever catch on with the masses. A Christian natural science experimental method was needed—but what? This gave rise to the gentleman scientists of the 1600s-1700s like Thomas Jefferson. However whatever Goethean advances were made here were quickly co-opted by the Cartesian-Newtonians.

The need and the outline for a new experimental method, intuited but never uncovered by Rosicrucian alchemists, was further clarified by Steiner. There must be some simple experimental method for those wishing to encounter the workings of spiritual laws in the forms and processes of Nature; and thereby, to expand the individual’s knowledge, awareness, connection and intercourse with true spiritual laws and Beings, not perceivable by the five animal senses but perceptible with all 12 senses.

Alas Steiner too was ahead of his time. Time and history had to evolve several more metamorphoses until adequate and sufficient language appeared to fulfill the dreams of Goethe, the Rosicrucian alchemists, Ruskin and Steiner.

Humanistic psychology post WW II was one important evolution; the inner child was one of its important fruits, the first non-judgmental, sympathetic term for some of the functions of our etheric body in human beings. This in turn provided a foundation and an audience for holistic health and healing in the 1970s, heralded by Touch for Health.

Consequently a simple Goethean experimental method was before us, was widely practiced but we did not yet have eyes to see it, so it remained unrecognized generally, even by persons steeped in Steiner-Goethe, including myself.

By 1990 NLP had converged with both muscle testing and an ecumenical spiritual framework often termed ‘God is my Partner.’ Given all these innovations, in the 1990s it began to be possible to perceive muscle testing, in all its forms, including dowsing, for what it was, a simple Goethean experimental method. It could be used by the masses.

For those taking it up, it met the need
for a new experimental method,
for those wishing to encounter
the workings of spiritual laws
in the forms and processes of Nature;
and thereby,
to expand individual personal-spiritual growth,
knowledge, awareness, connection and intercourse
with true spiritual laws and Beings,
not perceivable by the five animal senses
but perceptible with all 12 senses.

Supporting this new perception in the 1990s were the rhetorics of:

– Cell-level intelligence
– Bruce Lipton’s reframing of functions in cellular biology
– The collapse of many muscle testing modalities insufficiently soulful
– An explosion of video tutorials on YouTube of the simplest of Energy Medicines
– Healthy regard for chicanery, deception and over-selling of benefits among Energy medicine consumers
– General maturation of early 1970s flower-child-New-Age, into the more discerning perception of Cultural Creatives in the 1990s and 2000s.

The thinking of the classic Flower Essence Society Repertory booklet was useful to the above thinking.  Full text here:  http://www.flowersociety.org/repertory/repertory.pdf

* This is why Jung’s tentative approach to all things psychic was embraced; he did not confront the intellect with the vitality and wisdom of the unconscious.

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