RAM and ROM metaphor for human psyches

Cultural innovators and Creatives are inching towards more and better rhetoric for whole-brainedness–however variously characterized and defined.

Going this direction, I realize we are coming to a conflict of concepts.

One concept we use to think about our psyche is Conscious <=> Sub-conscious <=> Unconscious. We know this visually as the iceberg image:


At the same time, we also think about our psyche as a computer; and specifically in terms of RAM and ROM as metaphors for our waking psyche:

RAM is active read-and-write memory,

ROM is passive read-only memory.


Can we reconcile these two conceptions of how waking human psyche works?

Yes we can.

Conscious <=> Sub-conscious <=> Unconscious describes the range, the span of frequencies in our waking adult psyche.

RAM is our attention, the more limited span of what we attend to in any given moment.

ROM is passive memory storage. Its capacity is huge and its storage media is frequencies nested in seemingly endless fractal patterns, courtesy of our etheric body.

Our attention has capacity to move to any point within the range of our psyche, as needed. Our attention can move into memory; for example, for the healing of memories.

Where is your attention moving today?

If you feel your attention is stuck, endlessly recycling what’s familiar and predictable to you; perhaps, consider ways to step outside your own habit happens of where you place your attention.

If you could perceive something new inside yourself, what would you wish to perceive more of?


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