New book, Growing Sustainable Children and Schools Worthy of Our Affection

I’m sending out gift copies of the digital eBook version of volume one.  Okay to request a copy.  HealingToolbox (at] Also up as eBook on Amazon.  Working on paper editions.

Subtitles: Team Human K-12 Teacher Training;
Waldorf 2.0 for Public Schools, Local Assembly Required
Series title:  Re-Inventing Face-to-Face Culture

For Waldorf’s 100th birthday, what will the second hundred years of Waldorf look like? What can be improved? What should stay as is? Can a more authentic USA version of Waldorf emerge? How? These volumes put a large fraction of the issues “on the table” for local conversations.

This project intends to complement the Waldorf100 film.

One of several positive themes proposed is: Team Human K-12 education. In 2016 Douglas Rushkoff proposed humanity as a team sport; everyone is on Team Human–tho not everyone recognizes-acknowledges this yet. “Team Human” is a healthy response to Faustian, dystopian “Team Machine” (programming people to conform to technology). Check out Doug’s podcast

From multiple angles, Team Human can be used to refresh Waldorf schools as “seedbeds of social-cultural innovation.” How can we engage NEW generations to innovate socially and culturally? How will they create another 2,000 practical prototype alternatives to dystopia? I found some answers. See if you agree–or disagree 🙂

Can Waldorf evolve in the next 100 years? How exactly? How an authentic USA Waldorf did not yet evolve–and could–is discussed.

Also written for BOTH private-independent and public charter Waldorf teachers and trainees.

Whole project is organized around What is “real work”?

– What is “real work” for children on their journey thru the Land of Childhood?,

– What is “real work” for adults who will teach children in the Land of Childhood–before and after puberty?

– What is “real work” for parents?

– What is “real work” for everyone, at a K-12 community center towards a Team Human positive future?

The endgame? Grade 12 graduates who are:

  1. – Emotionally Intelligent,
  2. – self-propelled problem-solvers, and
  3. – cooperative-collaborative, willing and able to play on a team or lead a team.

Read as much or as little as you like. Five short volumes of 125-150 pages each, are divided over four SECTIONS:

SECTION 1 ~ Theme of Team Human K-12 ed. Couple introductions. “What is Real work for Children?” Lays out the 100-year-old wisdom of Sensitive Periods and how our Outer Game of Life as a child, becomes our Inner Adult Game of Life.

SECTION 2 ~ “What is Real work for Teachers and trainees?” Annotated short history of childhood. Annotated short summaries of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and related Best Progressive K-12 Practices from outside the ‘Classic Waldorf box.’

SECTION 3 ~ What is Real work for Parents and Everyone at a school? “Classic Waldorf is primarily characterized by its metaphors,” builds out the UNESCO characterization in full. Waldorf metaphors universally useful. Metaphors only useful to “parochial” Anthroposophic schools. School as a person. School as a Commons. WHO do we graduate? Conclusions. Three ways to re-brand Waldorf for teh coming 100 years.

SECTION 4 ~ Three ways to re-brand Waldorf, solutions for the coming next 100 years.

Comments, corrections, additions on the entire effort are welcomed.

Written primarily for teacher trainees, I hope this also usefully outlines ideas for Team Human parent education.

A robust USA version of Waldorf incorporating Best Practices from holistic-humanistic movements, has yet to develop. The Best Practices likely to be useful are summarized, a way out from the dead-end of USA schools trying to succeed as European-Waldorf-lite.

For an authentic USA Waldorf to emerge, schools will have to embrace North American genius in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, interpersonal competency, personal growth, and healthy group process. Openness to innovations and self-assessments, compatible with Classic Waldorf, from OUTSIDE the Waldorf box will play a big part.

Can USA Waldorf evolve? Will it evolve? Let’s hope the answer is “yes” to both.

If Waldorf ed is new to you, check out the Waldorf100 video on YouTube to feel its worldwide, international momentum for yourself. Celebrate here: Waldorf100 video (17-min.)

This project has no “home” online yet. Related materials can be found at

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