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I’m basically a wounded healer who completed his Heroes Journey this lifetime and now share the Elixir of Life he found with those interested.

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I took my first Waldorf teacher training 1986-1988 at Highland Hall, Los Angeles. I lived with a former Camphill Copake Biodynamic farmer and eventually spent three months at Camphill Copake. My classroom management skill was not good enuf to run a class thru the grades so I worked with parent groups starting new private and charter Waldorf schools.  I paid the bills working in public schools teaching Waldorf methods in as a super-sub in 150 schools.  In 2000 I worked a year on the grounds and with big events at Rudolf Steiner College and audited the teacher training year at RSC.

The destiny I was avoiding was working with autistic and special needs kids. I stopped avoiding this and got with my destiny in 2001.   After teaching moderate-severe autistic kids with innovative methods for four years, the school had to abandon its program and I tried a private practice as a Health Intuitive.  

I like to see people find their way to a method of self-connection they practice three or more times a week. A Skill Ladder of Energy Medicine Techniques-Methods-Arts exists. Self-healing is accessible to everyone at all skill levels.  If they persist and persevere, they can upgrade to a choice to take more baby steps on their own Heroes Journey of self-healing. If they persist and persevere, they they can upgrade to their own Healing Toolbox and Inner Dashboard on their way back to re-uniting with Soul & Above. 

Steiner- Goethe scholarship

Rudolf Steiner’s Fifth Gospel in Story Form

Goethean Holistic Science and the Three Sciences We Use Everyday for Holistic Practitioners and Self-Healers: Chapters 19-20 from Balance on All Levels-PACME+Soul Plus Related Essays

A revised, updated PhD-level thesis on teacher training is currently being revisited and up-leveled.

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