Goethe was an iNtuitive Feeler, a big part of his relevance today

Goethe remains one of the more remarkable throw-forwards of the 1700s. The historical “Romantic period” and the early German Romantics, were all characterized by deeper, more sensitive iNtuitive Feeling. In modern terms we would say they were among the first Cultural Creatives. Cultural Creatives are largely characterized by iNtuitive Feeling values.

What are iNtuitive Feeling values? These are well-characterized by the people in the USA, during the Trumpism moment, protesting against Trumpism, calling to, “Make America KIND again.”

Many Cultural Creatives are also iNtuitive Thinkers; yet, whose values are aligned with INF values–but I digress.

Carl Jung spent much time thinking about Goethe’s personal typology, article HERE https://www.idrlabs.com/articles/2013/05/jung-on-goethes-type/

“Jung on Goethe’s Type in 1921: Both INFJ and ENFJ”

What Jung was perhaps too early for was the idea of “learned extravert.” G’s career biography strongly suggests he was a learned extravert. This means his type was more introverted AND THEN life circumstances led him to develop more extraverted capacity secondarily.

In the most modern form of MBTI I know, this suggests XNFJ for Goethe. He had close to a 50-50 balance of introvert~extravert.

Goethe was among the first highly developed, public NFs.  Since iNtuitive Feeling values are still in the future for the majority of people in 2018, this suggests again how Goethe’s ideas has continued relevance.

In 100 years or so when a new civilization more aligned with iNtuitive Feeling values begins, the majority will will be NF aligned–and Goethe will become more ordinary. We will look to our modern Goethe’s not backward to Johann Wolfgang.

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