Rectifying “Is Psychology a science?”

A reply to Gregg Henriques on the Psychology Today site.  Gregg is perhaps the most recent modern deep public thinker on psychology.

Mishal, is on the right track.
[quote=Anonymous]Psychology is a social science.. It is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes…[/quote]

What the 1800s called “psychology” and put on the Procrustean Bed of “hard” science, is more coherently conceived of as a distinct, separate Order of Science; which, overlaps with two other Orders.

Since 2014 we’re exploring and expanding Goethean Holistic Science. In Goethe’s solution to the aging “one Science to rule them all” paradigm, “hard” science, exclusively external, five-sensory science describes a large fraction of Second Order Science.

This is workable science Without it, no indoor hot water and no toilets. The science of Galileo, Descartes and Newton primarily (overwhelmingly) limits its purview to Second Order Science.

Mishal intuits correctly what we call “psychology” is a fundamentally different realm of observation, exploration and experiment. Why? Because subjective thinking, feeling and the irrational are validated as real here IN THE DOMAIN of primarily ONE PERSON AT A TIME. This is First Order science.

Q: Why does Second Order “hard” science keep fighting with First Order psychology?

A: Because the Three Orders of Science are a circle.

Psychology keeps reminding Second Order scientists they are avoiding, denying and suppressing Third OrderScience, the science of the moral and ethical consequences of our choices, actions and experiments–for the next seven generations on Spaceship Earth.

The paychecks of most Second Order scientists are signed by corporations or the military, Foundations and university research funded by corporations and the military.

The corporations especially pay their scientists NOT to report on the moral and ethical consequences of research and new inventions. Why? Because serious consideration of the moral and ethical consequences of our choices, actions and experiments, for the next seven generations CAN INTERFERE WITH PROFITS AND STOCK VALUE. All sorts of real costs get “outsourced” to the public and to the Commons.

Returning to Psychology, far fewer psychologists are employed by corporations and the military. They therefore feel more free to raise issues of harm to the next seven generations; thereby, making themselves unpopular with corporate-military-funded hard scientists.

Back to the topic of Gregg’s piece, “Is psychology a science?’ The answer is “yes AND its distinct from external “hard science” AND it appears only a new science framework, with Goethe’s Three Orders of Science, is capable rhetorically to rectify, logic and coherence here.  The “rhetorical bandwith” of Second Order Science was exceeded in the 1970s.  Goethean Holistic Science gives us more bandwith to discuss the moral and ethical consequences of our choices and experiments.

If you have a better idea, let’s hear it.
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